Afghanistan as a failed state begins the true nightmare.


Afghanistan as a failed state begins the true nightmare.

Pick a day in the following four or five months to ponder about Afghanistan. That could be the point at which it becomes evident that the Taliban cannot govern Afghanistan and its 38 million people.

The immediate effects were that electricity, water, food, medical supplies, and money all became scarce. Other evidence of failure include an insurgency that began in the north and extended to desperate Afghans with no future and no option but to revolt under Taliban authority.

The Taliban’s political and military factions continue to be at odds. The former understood that a “kinder, softer” version of Sharia law was critical to unblocking sanctions, replenishing monetary reserves, and resuming the flow of international aid, all of which were necessary for Afghanistan to function. Long-standing tribal conventions about women’s roles, rigorous devotion to Sharia law, and pashtunwali, a code based on honor, hospitality, and revenge, are all upheld by the latter.

The Islamic State and its affiliate in Khorasan, as well as other extremist groups, launch a ferocious battle against the Taliban. Tribal leaders and the resurgent Northern Alliance are also reclaiming territory originally held by the Taliban. Access and egress from and to Afghanistan have been cut off by neighboring countries. Initially, Iran and Pakistan attempted to collaborate with the Taliban government in Kabul, which was still in its infancy.

However, fierce Shia-Sunni rivalries spread, making Tehran more hostile to the Taliban. Extremist factions backing the Terek-i-Taliban have carried out a string of terrorist strikes in Pakistan, murdering civilians and security officers. After its soldiers were attacked in a copper mine it acquired south of Kabul few years ago, China relearned the lesson and withdrew all of its people. As a result, China would opt out of re-engaging in Afghanistan.

Fearing that Islamist terrorism would spread as quickly as COVID-19, Russia and the “stans” that bordered much of northern Afghanistan shut down border crossings. In its feud with Pakistan, India has realized that the instability was not worth exploiting. As Afghanistan’s spiral into chaos intensifies, the West remains impotent.

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