As part of a Europe-focused training, the US Army completed maneuvers in Turkey.


As part of a Europe-focused training, the US Army completed maneuvers in Turkey.

On Monday, the final phase of a global military exercise aimed at improving interoperability between the US Army and allies concluded in Turkey.

The Army announced Tuesday that the last soldiers from the Illinois Army National Guard have began packing their belongings as they prepare to return to the United States from the Polatli Training Area in Turkey, one of the Dynamic Front 21’s staging grounds.

Dynamic Front began as a small artillery-fires drill at Grafenwoehr Training Area in Germany in 2016, and has now grown to 30 countries training at five locations around Europe.

The first phase of this year’s competition took place in May at Grafenwoehr and Torun Training Area in Poland. Dynamic Front 21 was given a second phase to expand into Turkey for the first time, and the commander of NATO’s Allied Land Command was brought in to act as the exercise’s chief trainer.

In a statement, Lt. Gen. Rodger L. Cloutier, commander of NATO’s Ally Land Command, stated, “This exercise is vital to developing the preparedness and interoperability across NATO allied and partner land forces, and conducting a second iteration allows us to broaden our scope of training.”

The goal of Dynamic Front 21 was to improve interoperability across human, procedural, and technical lines. According to the Army, it also developed remedies to gaps and restrictions in the theater fires complex, as well as multi-echelon fires and increased tactical interoperability.

The exercise met its goal of developing interoperability and communication between fire support platforms with US partners, according to 2nd Battalion commander Lt. Col. Justin Kramer.

“Our partners’ incredible collaboration allowed us to share intelligence and best practices throughout the exercise,” he said. “Being the first National Guard unit to be welcomed by Turkey for a NATO exercise was an honor, and their hospitality was exceptional.”

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