Don’t believe Britain’s pessimistic assessment of US “isolationism.”


Don’t believe Britain’s pessimistic assessment of US “isolationism.”

Iain Martin’s concern about the end of Pax Americana and America abandoning the rest of the globe following the Afghanistan catastrophe would have been alleviated if he had mentioned two of America’s finest humorists, Mark Twain and Jack Kennedy, in his article in the London Times on Friday.

As we all know, Twain believed that his death had been dramatically exaggerated.

“The only thing worse than being an adversary of America was being a friend and ally,” the young president stated openly. And, in the words of Winston Churchill, “America will come to the rescue in the end.”

“This may sound like a dismal outlook,” Martin writes. However, America has delivered a clear message to the rest of the world. We’ll have to work on the presumption that we can’t rely on America until a new US president emerges who isn’t an isolationist” – don’t believe him.

Yes, for the first time since Nazi Germany invaded Poland in 1939, or Argentina briefly seized the Falkland Islands in 1982, a “global Britain” is understandably united in the way the Biden administration handled the Afghan withdrawal inexplicably and incompetently, up until the brilliant final escape from Kabul airport that could have been a Dien Bien Phu or Little Bighorn military disaster. There was no explanation for failing to consult with allies ahead of time and failing to predict the operation’s failure. Here, too, the US military bears a large share of the guilt.

While the Afghan retreat may be seen as a stain on the president and his presidency – and Republicans will do everything they can to make it indelible, just as Democrats would have done if given the chance to reverse the favor with Donald Trump – La Affaire Afghanistan is virtually over in American politics. Even disasters are influenced by news cycles, since war plans never survive first contact. The Republican Texas Legislature may have carelessly and mistakenly given the 2022 congressional and 2024 presidential elections to the Democrats, in addition to Hurricane Ida absorbing all of the attention.

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