Quarantine is not required for asymptomatic students in Florida.


Quarantine is not required for asymptomatic students in Florida.

After coming into direct contact with a proven COVID-19 case, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stated the state will take a new “symptoms-based approach” to quarantining pupils, saying it will be up to parents to decide if their children who do not exhibit symptoms should stay home.

After newly appointed Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo published the new emergency rule, the Republican governor announced the new rule during a press conference on Wednesday, saying that removing healthy students from classrooms should be limited because it “poses a threat to the welfare of children, including their social, emotional, and educational development, and is not necessary absent illness.”

The removal of children from classrooms, according to DeSantis, is “very disruptive” to not only the youngsters’ education but also their parents’ livelihoods and the smooth functioning of the school year.

“Quarantining healthy students is extremely detrimental to their educational progress. It’s also tremendously disruptive for families across the state of Florida, but especially in Central Florida, so we’re going to take a symptom-based approach,” he said. “If a parent has a healthy child, that youngster has a right to go to school, and that will benefit so many people.”

Ladapo, who has been a skeptic of COVID-19 mitigation efforts such as masks and vaccines, said he and the governor share a same perspective when it comes to balancing the costs and advantages of the pandemic.

He explained that they understand that some parents may be hesitant to send their children to school after they have been exposed to the virus, therefore the new rule permits them to keep their children at home.

“Parents who are more comfortable allowing their healthy child to return to school would benefit from the new rule,” he said.

On Wednesday, Alachua County Public Schools Superintendent Carlee Simon blasted the new regulation, claiming that it will likely accelerate the spread of the virus by blocking quarantine and masking measures.

“In reality, the state is digging down on policies that may end up putting students, employees, and the entire community at risk,” Simon wrote on Twitter.

“We will continue to follow the masking and quarantine protocols now in place in our schools,” she said, adding that they will study the new rule.

The new rule was announced during a legal battle over DeSantis’ contentious rule prohibiting local governments from… Article Summary from Nokia News


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