Rejoining the Iran nuclear deal would be a replay of the United States’ errors in Afghanistan.


Rejoining the Iran nuclear deal would be a replay of the United States’ errors in Afghanistan.

Following the failed pullout from Afghanistan, international observers must be baffled by the United States’ and European Union’s stumbling attempts to resurrect the dormant nuclear deal with Iran.

After the chaotic and tragic sights in Kabul, the West must surely have learned a bitter lesson in foreign policy failure. They certainly don’t want to make that mistake with the re-instatement of the Iran nuclear deal.

The so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, signed with the Iranian regime in 2015 by the United States, Russia, China, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, was doomed from the start. It was conceived by Barack Obama as a last-ditch important foreign policy triumph. Obama was stupid enough to imagine that releasing $150 billion in frozen Iranian assets as part of the nuclear deal would put food on the table for Iran’s impoverished inhabitants.

Instead, the mullahs used most of the money to fund Bashar al-cruel Assad’s civil war in Syria, with the rest going to Yemen’s Houthi rebels, Lebanon’s terrorist Hezbollah, Palestine’s Hamas, and Iraq’s deadly Shi’ia militias. The little money that remained was shoveled into the kleptocratic ayatollahs’ personal bank accounts, as is customary. Nothing was given to the Iranian people.

From the start, the nuclear deal was a huge mistake. Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency were barred from assessing any military-controlled locations inside Iran. The pact was fatally defective since virtually all of the theocratic regime’s secret nuclear program was being constructed in military sites. The JCPOA read like a phone book, listing the names of Iranian companies and individuals from whom all sanctions were to be lifted, including banking, insurance, metals, aviation, shipping, arms, and general trade markets, and even the reopening of Iran’s right to sell carpets and caviar to the West.

Surprisingly, Obama’s agreement even mandated that the West stop “excluding Iranian citizens from higher education coursework relevant to employment in nuclear research, nuclear engineering, or the energy sector.” To put it another way, Western colleges would be encouraged to teach Iranians in advanced nuclear technology so that they would be well-prepared to construct a nuclear weapon. Even before he became president, US President Donald Trump attacked the agreement and removed America from it… Article Summary from Nokia News


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