A fire breaks out on the roof of the New Orleans Saints’ Caesars Superdome, injuring one person.


A fire breaks out on the roof of the New Orleans Saints’ Caesars Superdome, injuring one person.

As technicians tried to clean and prepare the stadium for painting, the roof of the Caesars Superdome, home of the NFL’s New Orleans Saints, caught fire Tuesday.

Firefighters reacted to a burning on a tiny piece of the building’s roof shortly after 12:30 p.m., according to the New Orleans Fire Department. Shortly after, the flames appeared to be under control.

One individual was taken to the hospital for “minor burns to the face, arms, and chest,” according to New Orleans Emergency Management Services on Twitter. During the incident, officials asked that people stay away from the area.

According to a joint statement from ASM Global and the Louisiana Stadium and Expedition District, the fire broke out in a piece of Superdome roofing known as the “gutter tub” as employees were power washing the roof in preparation for painting.

The damage was just minor, according to the statement, and the Superdome’s structural integrity did not appear to be jeopardized.

The fire was restricted to the external gutter system encircling the Superdome, and only a tiny section of the roof received minor damage, according to the joint statement. “Prior to a planned recoating of the entire roof, pressure washing was ongoing to clean the roof. During the recoating process, any fire damage will be addressed.”

The fire isn’t expected to disrupt any future events at the Superdome, including the Saints’ next home game against the New York Giants on Oct. 3.

Since Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc on New Orleans at the end of last month, the Saints have been away from the city. The squad has been practicing in the Dallas region since the hurricane.

Due to the storm, New Orleans’ home game against the Green Bay Packers on Sept. 12 was moved to Jacksonville, Fla.

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