A snorkeler in the Cayman Islands tracks a squid to a man’s misplaced wedding ring.


A snorkeler in the Cayman Islands tracks a squid to a man’s misplaced wedding ring.

A squid led a woman swimming in the Cayman Islands to a wedding ring, which she later reunited with its owner.

When James Ross lost his wedding band while scuba diving with his wife, Kirsty McMillan, near Eden Rock, he said he had only been wearing it for about six months.

“I misplaced it during the dive, and after searching high and low later, we were unable to locate it,” Ross told the Cayman Compass.

Three weeks went by with no evidence of the ring until Raquel Tobian, a newcomer to the Cayman Islands from Ohio, came across it while swimming at Eden Rock.

Tobian claimed she was in the sea following a squid when she observed something shimmering in the sand nearby.

Tobian’s discovery was quickly linked to Ross’ lost ring after the snorkeler posted photographs of the wedding ring to Facebook groups dedicated to the Cayman Islands.

“Within the first hour, I had people coming out to me,” Tobian added. “It took the Internet less than two hours to track down the rightful owners.”

The next morning, Tobian met up with Ross and McMillan and confirmed that the ring she had discovered was the one that had fallen from the man’s finger.

Tobian explained, “The wife was laughing about the penalties she had devised for her husband to make apologies for the loss, thus seeing the ring relieved him of some stress.”

“They were so appreciative that they offered compensation, but it was unnecessary; the happy sentiments from being able to return such a valuable object [were]enough.”

The event taught Ross a valuable lesson regarding his wedding ring: “Listen to your wife and remove it before diving,” he added.

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