Bill Belichick: Tom Brady’s transfer to the Buccaneers wasn’t because the Buccaneers didn’t want him.


Bill Belichick: Tom Brady’s transfer to the Buccaneers wasn’t because the Buccaneers didn’t want him.

Tom Brady’s former coach, Bill Belichick, stated Monday that he wanted him to stay with the New England Patriots instead of leaving for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers two seasons ago.

Belichick made the remarks during a WEEI radio appearance on Monday. Brady was tutored by the future Hall of Famer for the entirety of his 20-year career with the Patriots. In 2020, Brady became a free agent and left the team.

Brady will make his first visit to Gillette Stadium as a visiting player on Sunday.

Belichick told WEEI, “Well, I believe we’ve gone through all of the dynamics of it.” “There were a lot of possibilities there — he considered them all and made his decision.”

“We weren’t as good as Tampa as a destination. You’d have to ask him about it, but it wasn’t a case of his not wanting to be there.”

Brady’s father, Tom Brady Sr., made statements on an NBC Sports podcast last week that contradicted Belichick’s views.

“Belichick wanted him gone, and [Brady] threw 56 touchdowns last year,” the elder Brady added. “I believe that was a good year.”

When Brady was asked a follow-up question on the show, he affirmed that his son “felt the same way.”

Brady added, “He’s more than delighted that he’s moved on because it was fairly clear that the Patriot regime believed it was time for him to go on.”

During the Buccaneers’ run to the Super Bowl last season, the Patriots did not encounter Tom Brady.

“Tom and I had a conversation. Belichick said Monday, “I feel like we had a wonderful connection and a lot of output while we were together.” “I had a lot of fun mentoring Tom. For us, he was a fantastic player.

“On Sunday night, the entire squad, not just him, lines up across from Tampa. They’re obviously a good club, so it’s just a matter of our team competing against Tampa’s.”

When questioned about the upcoming showdown against his former team on Sunday, Brady sidestepped reporters. Monday morning, Belichick spoke with reporters but did not expound on his radio interview comments.

“When Tom left, we issued a statement, and that covered it,” Belichick added.

The Patriots and Brady were “unable to reach an agreement,” according to the statement, which was released on March 18, 2020.

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