Facebook has taken a break from Instagram Kids to investigate the problem of kid safety.


Facebook has taken a break from Instagram Kids to investigate the problem of kid safety.

On Monday, Facebook stated that it has decided to halt the introduction of an Instagram platform for kids in order to further investigate the concept – amid concerns that such networks could be dangerous.

Facebook’s parent business stated earlier this year that it was working on a kid-friendly version of Instagram.

According to a recent study of juvenile experiences with the photo and video sharing app, it can be hazardous to teens, particularly girls.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated in a blog post on Monday, “We initiated this experiment to solve an important problem seen across our industry: kids are getting phones younger and younger, misrepresenting their age, and installing apps designated for those 13 or older.”

‘While we believe this experience needs to be developed, we’ve decided to put this project on hold. This will allow us more time to collaborate with parents, professionals, legislators, and regulators, listen to their concerns, and demonstrate the project’s value and importance for today’s younger teens online.”

Facebook previously announced that all Instagram accounts for users under the age of 16 will be set to private by default, providing further security from potential predators.

Instagram declared last week that it will look into ways to combat poor self-perception.

A group of public health advocates wrote to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last spring, criticizing the platform as possibly harmful to children’s health and privacy.

The child version of Instagram, according to Mosseri, is not intended for children under the age of ten.

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