Following the AUKUS sub agreement, top EU leader Charles Michel has called for “transparency.”


Following the AUKUS sub agreement, top EU leader Charles Michel has called for “transparency.”

On Friday, European Council President Charles Michel threw a veiled critique of the US-British agreement to provide Australia with submarine technology at the United Nations General Assembly, saying there has been “a blatant lack of transparency and loyalty.”

The plan, which was unveiled on September 15, enraged France since it virtually canceled a multibillion-dollar arrangement that Paris had with Australia. As a result, France summoned its ambassadors from the US and Australia.

Michel accused US President Joe Biden of betraying Europe by brokering the accord, dubbed AUKUS (a combination of initials for each country) earlier this week.

“Loyalty and openness are the fundamental elements of an alliance,” Michel stated on Monday. “We’ve noticed a distinct lack of transparency and loyalty.

During his speech on Friday, the fourth day of the assembly’s General Debate in New York City, the EU leader alluded to this critique once more, using nearly the same phrase.

“We want a world that is more equitable and safer,” he stated. “We want cooperation over confrontation, unity over isolation, transparency over secrecy, and loyalty, which means keeping our word when it is given.”

Michel is the European Union’s top international representative as president of the European Council.

The “deteriorating” situation in the Indo-Pacific was brought to the attention of Australian defense minister Peter Dutton earlier this month, who stated that alliances are the only way to safeguard international rules-based order.

Biden said the trilateral deal with the United Kingdom and Australia as part of a larger trend of key countries, notably in Europe, “playing an enormously important role in the Indo-Pacific.”

Michel stated that the European Union is a significant trading partner in the Indo-Pacific, noting that 40% of the bloc’s commerce passes through the region.

“In the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean, freedom of passage and security must be guaranteed,” he stated.

“The European Union remains ready to fully bear its role in that regard, in accordance with international law.”

Several leaders, including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Lebanese President Michel Aoun, addressed at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday.

The General Debate will continue until Monday.

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