In the Atlantic, Hurricane Sam grows to a Category 4 storm.


In the Atlantic, Hurricane Sam grows to a Category 4 storm.

Storm Sam has strengthened in the central Atlantic Ocean and is anticipated to remain a major hurricane for several days, while it is not predicted to make landfall anytime soon.

According to the National Storm Center, Sam strengthened into a Category 4 hurricane on Sunday.

The National Hurricane Center reported Sam was 800 miles southeast of the Northern Leeward Islands and had maximum sustained winds of 130 mph in a 5 a.m. EDT update Monday. It was travelling northwest at a speed of 8 miles per hour.

When winds surpass 130 mph, a hurricane is classified as Category 4. If wind speeds hit 157 mph, Sam will become a Category 5 hurricane.

Sam began its life as a tropical storm last week and has only grown stronger as it has traveled west. The storm appeared to be headed towards the Southeast United States at one point, but estimates now show that it will shift north and bypass the United States.

Sam is a tiny hurricane, according to forecasts, despite being a Category 4 storm.

A hurricane hunter aircraft will fly into the storm later Monday, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Sam is the 18th named storm of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, and the seventh hurricane. Sally, the “s” named storm, formed on Sept. 12 a year ago.

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