Months after winning a $100,000 award, a man wins a $1 million lottery jackpot.


Months after winning a $100,000 award, a man wins a $1 million lottery jackpot.

After winning a $1 million lottery prize just months after winning $100,000, a Pennsylvania man said his wife labeled him “the luckiest person she knows.”

Ray Boose Jr. of Cumberland County informed Pennsylvania Lottery authorities that his recent win occurred after my wife requested that he stop at the Ugo store in Mount Holly Springs.

“My wife asked me to go to Ugo the day I won $1 million, and I had a couple tickets I wanted to cash,” he remembered.

Boose used some of his money to purchase a Millionaire Maker scratch-off ticket and was shortly informed that he had won $1 million.

“I was scratching it in the parking lot and thought to myself, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I couldn’t say anything. I dialed my wife’s number. It didn’t feel real,” Boose explained.

He said his wife was as astonished as he was.

“’Come home now,’ my wife begged. He recalled, “I want to see the ticket.”

Boose had previously won $100,000 in a Mining for Millions tournament just a few months prior.

The winner added, “My wife feels I’m definitely the luckiest person she knows.”

Boose stated that he had already begun putting his winnings to good use.

“I won on a Friday and started house hunting the following Saturday. “It’s a contract,” he explained.

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