On climate change, Shawn Mendes says, “I empathize with the doom.”


On climate change, Shawn Mendes says, “I empathize with the doom.”

Shawn Mendes spoke on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert about climate change and how his generation views it.

On Wednesday, the singer spoke about how it felt to raise awareness about climate change during a concert in Brazil in 2019. Mendes had come to a halt in his performance and raised his guitar, which was emblazoned with the slogan “Climate Action Now.”

“I was trembling all over because I was standing up for something bigger than myself. It was incredibly crucial for me to be able to stand for that, and I could sense the stadium’s power,” Mendes remarked.

Colbert then mentioned that 56 percent of young people agree with the idea that humanity is doomed, according to polls.

“It makes a lot of sense to me. My generation has largely grown up being informed that the earth is dying since we were about five years old. So it’s only fair that now that we’re adults, we’re thinking, “Yeah, it’s always been dying.” It’s always been doomed,” Mendes stated, before pointing out that we already have all of the information we need to combat climate change.

“I understand the impending doom. Mendes responded, “I feel the doom,” before agreeing with Colbert that he can’t give in to the sensation of doom.

Mendes also talked about how the revenues from his upcoming tour will go to his charity, which gives out grants to young activists.

“It’s fascinating how you can be so passionate about something at such a young age, so pure and so good. It may take something as [expletive]as money to dissuade you from doing so. Being able to financially support a young child can transform their entire life into one dedicated to helping others,” he remarked.

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