The Fawn Fire in California is still burning north of Redding.


The Fawn Fire in California is still burning north of Redding.

The massive Fawn Fire, which is blazing north of Redding, California, has spread to 7,544 acres, destroying over 100 houses and threatening hundreds more.

Cal Fire, the state’s firefighting department, stated in its most recent statement that the fire is just 10% contained after it erupted on Wednesday. So yet, there have been no fatalities.

According to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, some 4,000 people have been evacuated and another 30,000 have been affected by the fire.

Jeremy Wright, a local house and business owner, told KCRA News that in the 20 years he has been in the neighborhood, he has never had fires get so close to his property.

He told the news station, “We had every hose we could find going.”

Despite his efforts, he claims he lost three structures. He was able to maintain his enormous store and has stated that he will remain in the area to protect his home.

According to ABC 10, Alexandra Souverneva, 30, of Palo Alto, was arrested on suspicion of starting the fire on Wednesday. Souverneva was discovered trespassing and approached firefighters, requesting water and medical assistance. She was questioned by police enforcement after being transferred to a local hospital, leading officers to suspect she was the one who started the fire.

According to the station, local prosecutors are asking that she be charged with arson to wilderness, which carries harsher sentences.

Meanwhile, circumstances are expected to improve for firefighters attempting to put out the fire over the weekend.

Winds will weaken over the weekend, according to Cal Fire, and rain is forecast late Monday through Tuesday afternoon.

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