The MK-22 Precision Sniper Rifle is being tested by the Army at Fort Bragg ahead of its deployment.


The MK-22 Precision Sniper Rifle is being tested by the Army at Fort Bragg ahead of its deployment.

The MK-22 Precision Sniper Rifle was successfully tested by the Army during exercises at Fort Bragg, N.C., to approve it for fielding, according to the branch.

In a press release issued Wednesday, Sgt. 1st Class Marcus Love of the Airborne and Special Operations Test Directorate said, “The modular nature of the PSR allows it to be tailored to meet mission requirements and is appealing to airborne snipers who are typically armed with long-barreled precision rifles of a single caliber offering.”

The test team used a “mobile weapons boresight collimator” on the rifle to ensure it was not damaged by shock following a jump.

In a statement, ABNSOTD Test Technology Branch Chief Miles Crawford noted, “This technique created a baseline for sight reticle placements before to and after airborne insertion.”

“With static line parachutes, testers can observe any shift in the weapon sight reticle that may have been generated by shock,” Crawford added.

The tests in the statement pleased Sgt. Michael Liptak, a sniper with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Batalion, 325th Infantry Regiment.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy and simplicity of the PSR testing,” Liptak stated.

According to the Army, the MK22 is part of the PSR program, which allows the Army to have a long-range weapon system that is lighter than current sniper rifles and has features that conceal the sniper.

Barrett Firearms was awarded a nearly $50 million, five-year contract by the Army in the spring to procure 2,800 Multi-role Adaptive Design rifles.

In the statement, Sgt. Austin Stevens, a sniper assigned to the 1st Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, added, “The increased engagement range will keep Snipers safer and increase the options for the local commander employing these combat multipliers.”

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