Three people were murdered when an Amtrak train derailed in Montana.


Three people were murdered when an Amtrak train derailed in Montana.

An Amtrak train derailed in Montana’s Hi-Line, killing three people and injuring a number of passengers and crew members, according to the passenger railroad service.

Empire Builder train 7/27 was westbound from Chicago to Portland, Ore., and Seattle when eight cars derailed on BNSF tracks near Joplin, Mont., at roughly 4 p.m. MT Saturday, according to Amtrak.

According to Amtrak, at least one car was entirely on its side, with numerous others upright or overturned but off the tracks.

The train, which had 10 carriages and two locomotives, carried 141 passengers and 16 staff members.

On his Twitter account, Jacob Cordeiro, a train passenger, provided photographs and video.

Witness Jeremiah Johnson told MTN television network, “We had to carry a few people out with tons of assistance and then cut some out.” “There was one lady in the rear whose legs had become caught and couldn’t be freed without the use of a saw (to cut away seats).”

According to Johnson, there were injuries to the shoulder, head, and neck. As passengers disembarked from the train, his wife assisted them.

Amtrak said it is working with local authorities to take individuals who have been injured to medical care and to safely evacuate the rest of the passengers.

A local high school was used to transfer dozens of people.

Rescue operations were assisted by state highway patrol troopers.

Knudsen stated, “We are praying for the safety of all passengers and personnel on board.”

A “go-team” from the National Transportation Safety Board was dispatched to examine the disaster.

Between Minot, N.D., and Shelby, Mont., Empire Builder trains 7/27 and 8/28 were canceled on Saturday. Westbound Empire Builder train 7 will arrive in Minneapolis on Sunday, while eastbound Empire Builder train 8 will depart from Minneapolis. There are no other options for transportation.

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