will.i.am, Grimes, Nick Lachey: ‘Alter Ego’ avatars keep ‘humanity’ alive.


will.i.am, Grimes, Nick Lachey: ‘Alter Ego’ avatars keep ‘humanity’ alive.

Three of the judges on the new singing competition Alter Ego, which premiered Wednesday, Grimes, Nick Lachey, and will.i.am, claimed the show’s technology highlighted participants’ humanity. Contestants perform as computer-generated avatars of their own design in the singing competition.

On a Television Critics Association Zoom panel, will.i.am said, “This is your spirit, personalized.” “It’s like your passion, but more tailored.”

The candidates create their avatars, which include colorful hair, outfits, and in one case, even wings. They perform while wearing facial capture goggles that morph them into the avatars that the judges view.

The ubiquity of video games has made listeners comfortable dealing with avatars, according to Grimes, 33, who released her first album in 2010.

“It’s taking this massive movement that is already going to the next level,” Grimes said of the show.

Lachey admitted that he was suspicious of singing avatars at first, but was struck by how well the avatars represented the participants’ emotions. Alter Ego, according to the 47-year-old Lachey, will elicit just as many emotions as competition shows like American Idol.

“Despite all of the mind-blowing technology, there is such a humanity,” Lachey stated. “You can see if the alter ego is crying. Tears are streaming down the face of the alter ego.”

Will.i.am stated that the humanity beneath the avatars moved him as well.

Will.i.am stated, “There’s humanity just zapping you from all these various directions.” “It’s a link between ultra-animated, ultra-technology, humanity, vibrant, bright energy [and]love,” says the author.

Alanis Morisette, who was not on the TCA panel, is the show’s fourth judge. Alter Ego is hosted by Rocsi Diaz.

Will.i.am, 46, is a founding member of the Black Eyed Peas, a solo musician, and a producer. According to Will.i.am, all musicians acquire a persona when they play, and Alter Ego allows artists to adopt identities that would be impossible to achieve with clothes and cosmetics alone.

Will.i.am stated, “This is beyond makeup.” “This isn’t just a hat and a pair of glasses. It goes beyond custom-made outfits that are customized to your exact measurements.”

For a profile in The Face magazine, Grimes recently contributed a digital avatar. She stated she understood the constraints on singers’ appearances because she had been chastised in the past for not wearing cosmetics during her early concerts.

Grimes explained, “I just slowly started feeling this pressure to be physically gorgeous.” “I believe [Alter Ego] has the potential to truly democratize the music industry, making it less about who looks the part.”

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