Yaya DaCosta makes a statement with her hair in ‘Our Kind of People.’


Yaya DaCosta makes a statement with her hair in ‘Our Kind of People.’

Yaya DaCosta, who stars in Our Kind of People, said her character’s career makes a societal message in the show, which premieres Tuesday. Angela Vaughn, played by DaCosta, is an entrepreneur who relocates to Martha’s Vineyard to sell her hair products.

When DaCosta, 38, wore her hair in a curly Mohawk, or “fro-hawk,” she said she was teased in public by Black women with straight hair. DaCosta remarked at a Television Critics Association Zoom panel that she and her co-stars on Our Kind of People “are releasing the pressure to be coiffed in a way to fit in.”

Angela manufactures her own shampoos and conditioners from her late mother’s recipe in the episode, seeking to sell them to Martha’s Vineyard’s wealthy Black population.

The exhibition is significant, according to DaCosta, because of California’s CROWN Act, which was passed into law in 2019 to outlaw discrimination based on hair texture and style, such as dreadlocks or “locs” for short. In Martha’s Vineyard, Angela encounters personal drama, but DaCosta believes the backdrop of hair styling reflects social progress.

Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair (CROWN) is the acronym for Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair.

“The CROWN Act essentially allows us women with textured hair permission to be who we are, not to be expelled out of school, and not to be compelled to chop our locs off in a business environment,” DaCosta added.

Angela, her aunt Patricia (Debbie Morgan), and her daughter Nikki relocate to Martha’s Vineyard (Alana Bright). They upset the Franklin and Dupont families as soon as they arrive, whose company, Franklin Holdings, has made both families wealthy for decades.

Morgan, 65, and DaCosta, 38, previously appeared as mother and daughter in All My Children. Morgan said she was also pressured to wear straight-haired wigs in previous appearances.

Morgan commented, “I was just pleased when I read this script and understood how significant this component of our culture was going to be to this show.” “I believe this is quite timely.”

The show is based on Lawrence Otis Graham’s factual book about Martha’s Vineyard’s Black elite, published in 1999. The fictional Franklin and Dupont families were developed by Karin Gist, who adapted the book with the same name as the play.

Our Kind of People was directed by Lee Daniels, who also directed Empire. In the film The Butler, Daniels also directed DaCosta.

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