A chameleon has taken up residence on a British man’s door.


A chameleon has taken up residence on a British man’s door.

When a British guy returned home after taking out the trash, he discovered something unexpected – a chameleon.

Last week, the man was taking out the trash at his home in the Fulwood neighborhood of Preston, England, when he noticed the bizarre critter perched on his door, according to the RSPCA.

According to the RSPCA, the man had no idea what kind of lizard it was, but he didn’t think it was a native species, so he confined it in a box and transported it to his mother’s house nearby.

The species was identified by the man’s brother as a chameleon, a lizard found in warm regions such as deserts and woods. The family phoned the RSPCA, who dispatched David Hatton, an animal rescue officer, to the location.

“It’s not what you expect to see as you approach your front door – but the man did the right thing in calling us since this gorgeously colored reptile would not have survived without warmth,” Hatton added. “The chameleon is now in the safe hands of a professional reptile keeper.”

The chameleon is thought to be an escaped pet, but no owner has come forward to claim the reptile, according to the RSPCA.

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