In a Colorado nature area, a hiker comes across a loose emu.


A visitor to a Colorado nature preserve recorded video of an unexpected encounter with a non-native animal: an emu. Lydia McCracken said she was walking in the McMurry Natural Area in Fort Collins with her grandparents and dog when they were approached by the flightless bird, which is native to Australia. “He just casually strolled right on up toward us.”

He appeared to be a very social person. “My dog was having none of it; he started barking,” McCracken told KDVR-TV.

McCracken videotaped the bird and shared it on Reddit.

Before leaving the area, the hiker contacted animal control and stated that she had seen authorities arrive.

“They said they had a team coming up here,” McCracken said. “A few minutes later, we saw some animal control people and a couple of cops driving around trying to find the thing.” The emu was safely captured and returned to its owner, according to the Fort Collins Police Department. The department did not say who owned the bird or how it ended up on the loose in the nature area. Emus are legal to keep as pets in Colorado.


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