Natalie Zea: ‘La Brea’ could be her final chance to play an action hero.


Natalie Zea: ‘La Brea’ could be her final chance to play an action hero.

Natalie Zea believes her new NBC series, La Brea, which premieres Tuesday, will be her final opportunity to play an action hero. Eve Harris, a mother who falls into a sinkhole and emerges in a fantasy world below, is played by Zea, 46.

In a phone interview with Nokia News, Zea said, “There’s a tiny window to get to be an action star.” “So why not go for it?” says the narrator.

When the survivors wake up in the world below, they immediately proceed to investigate their new surroundings. Prehistoric birds and fierce wolves roam the green fields and woodlands.

According to Zea, Eve takes on a leadership role among the survivors and finds an ally in Dr. Sam (Jon Seda).

“I wouldn’t say they work together,” Zea explained. “However, they operate as the group’s mother and father, and they eventually assume leadership roles.”

Zea admitted that she has a natural desire to follow people like Eve, and that La Brea directors had to remind her that she was portraying the show’s hero on occasion.

“Because I’m a joyful follower, they had to nudge me and remind me, ‘No, you’re the hero here.’ ‘You’re the boss.’ Zea remarked. “Oh, OK, I see. Check it.”

Josh (Jack Martin), Eve’s son, is also in the sinkhole with her. Eve’s maternal instincts, according to Zea, impact her leadership.

“A lot of what Eve does is point out why a plan might not be the greatest, or why we should think about the plan’s safety,” Zea explained. “She is always striving to keep people safe and ensure that everyone is secure.”

Izzy (Zyra Gorecki), Eve’s daughter, made it to safety on the surface with her father, Gavin (Eoin Macken). According to Zea, the separation of the family adds dramatic weight to La Brea’s more surreal parts.

“The hunger that these four people have for one other is at the heart of the show,” Zea remarked. “It gives the show a solid foundation.”

Zea has been a regular on dramas such as Passions, Dirty Sexy Money, and The Following for the past 20 years. Winona Hawkins, Raylan Givens’ (Timothy Olyphant) ex-wife, was her character on Justified.

On Justified, Raylan was in charge of the most of the action. For Zea, La Brea is more dangerous than the situation in which Winona found herself.

In her role on Justified, Zea noted, “I had to basically sit with a rifle pointed at me.” “It’s… Article Summary from Nokia News


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