Republicans in the Senate have blocked a bill that would prevent the government from shutting down.


Republicans in the Senate have blocked a bill that would prevent the government from shutting down.

As a government shutdown and debt default loom, Senate Republicans have rejected a spending package, stating that they will not vote for any policy that extends the debt ceiling, a standard procedure that allows the US Treasury to finance existing obligations.

After narrowly passing the House along party lines earlier this month, the bill to extend government financing and include emergency aid failed to pass the Senate on Monday evening.

The Democrats required 60 votes to pass the bill, but they were unable to persuade a single Republican to vote yes during the Monday vote, which resulted in a 48-48 tie, with two people voting no.

Democrats hoped to pass the package to avert a government shutdown on Thursday when the government’s finances run empty, as well as to raise the debt ceiling before mid-October to avoid a first-ever default.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., chastised his Republican colleagues for placing the country in this predicament.

Following the vote, Schumer remarked from the Senate floor, “I want to make sure everyone understands exactly what happened on the Senate floor: The Republican Party has now become the party of default, the party that says America doesn’t pay its bills.” “Our country is on the verge of two Republican-engineered disasters: a government shutdown and a first-ever national debt default, both of which would be devastating to every single American in our country.”

The outcome of the vote, which Schumer had called earlier, was predicted because no Republican had expressed support for the package, despite the fact that the GOP had raised the debt ceiling multiple times during Trump’s presidency.

Schumer stated that the Democrats will take additional steps this week to avoid a shutdown, but he did not elaborate on the plans.

He stated, “What the Republicans in the Senate did today is not normal.” “This isn’t an usual Washington squabble, and it shouldn’t be treated that way. It has considerably more serious ramifications than a usual political brawl.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, stated from the floor that the bill was doomed to fail because Republicans have indicated that if Democrats want to raise the debt ceiling, they must… Article Summary from Nokia News


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