Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is suing the Obama administration over immigration policies.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is suing the Obama administration over immigration policies.

Gov. Ron DeSantis outlined a host of actions on Tuesday to combat the federal government’s stance on irregular migration, including filing a lawsuit against the Biden administration, alleging that its border policies are illegal.

The action, filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida, Pensacola Division, charges the Biden administration of disobeying orders to detain migrants who enter the country until a judgment is made on whether or not they can stay.

President Joe Biden’s executive order from February calling for the creation of a “comprehensive regional framework to address” the causes and management of migration at the southern border has been called into question.

The Biden administration has attempted to reverse much of its predecessor’s immigration policy, rescinding President Donald Trump’s presidential memorandum from April 2018 that ended the catch-and-release policy, which allows certain migrants apprehended to be released into the United States before their immigration case is heard in court.

Due to a lack of resources and detention capacity to safely process migrants arriving at the border amid the coronavirus outbreak, Biden stated the memorandum was rescinded.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, on the other hand, claims that the revocation disobeys Congress’ orders to detain all migrants pending a decision on their cases, and that Biden’s reasoning is undermined by his removal of other Trump administration immigration measures that should have freed up resources and capacity.

“Furthermore, the Biden administration’s foolish policies are encouraging more migrants to attempt the perilous voyage to the United States,” she said. “As a result, the administration cannot use a lack of resources as an excuse to violate congressional mandates.”

DeSantis criticized Biden’s immigration policy as presenting “an open invitation to persons all over the world” to enter the United States through the southern border with “a ticket to ride” to live in the rest of the country during a press conference on Tuesday.

The number of encounters with migrants at the southwest border has “skyrocketed,” according to DeSantis, from 78,000 in January to more than 210,000 in July, the highest monthly total in two decades.

He accused the Biden administration of seeking “huge illegal migration into this country” and said, “And there’s no evidence of it slowing down.”

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