The family of a missing Florida woman describes indications of struggle inside her apartment.


The family of a missing Florida woman describes indications of struggle inside her apartment.

On Tuesday, the family of a missing 19-year-old Florida woman revealed details that suggest a struggle occurred in her apartment before to her abduction.

Miya Marcano’s apartment at Arden Villas Apartments in Orlando, where she lived and worked, was described as “in disarray,” with blood on a pillow, filth on the floor, jewelry on the ground, and her bed unmade, according to a cousin.

The image was strange, according to the relative, because a necklace she regularly wore was found broken on the floor. Marcano was perfectly clean, according to her relative, and did not wear shoes in her carpeted bedroom.

Marcano, who works in the leasing office of the apartment building, went missing around 5 p.m. Friday after failing to catch a flight to visit family in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

On Monday, Armando Manuel Caballero, a maintenance worker at the apartment complex who had been cited as a person of interest in the case, was discovered dead at Camden Club Apartments in Seminole County, apparently by suicide.

Marcano’s aunt, Semone Westmaas, said Caballero approached her the day after her niece went missing, as the family searched for her.

“Are you looking for Miya?” he inquired. ‘Who are you?’ I asked. ‘I’m her maintenance person,’ he explained. “I heard you were seeking for me,” Westmaas explained.

Caballero had exhibited romantic interest in Marcano, according to authorities, but she had turned him down. Caballero allegedly entered Marcano’s unit using a master key fob around 30 minutes before she was supposed to leave her shift at the complex on Friday.

Caballero’s cousin remarked, “If he knew anything, he took that information with him.”

On Monday, police erected crime scene tape in a forested area near where Caballero was discovered dead, but gave no further details.

Marcano’s relatives asked for her return as well.

Marcano’s grandma, Joysue Thompson, stated, “All we ask is that you help us bring Miya home.” “Just drop her off and let us know where she is, and we’ll come pick her up — just bring her home.”

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