A new study reveals the NFL’s worst owner.


On Thursday afternoon, a new study examined and ranked every NFL owner based on a number of factors to determine the best – and worst.

Bonus Finder asked a straightforward question. “For billionaires and entrepreneurs, football ownership is seen as an appealing investment opportunity,” according to the study. “However, while the new owners can expect high returns on their investments, what benefit does the club and its supporters receive?” ”

To answer the question, Bonus Finder examined a number of factors, including stadium facilities, team investment, average active cash, Super Bowl wins, stadium relocations, and others. But which team had the worst NFL owner?

That dubious honor, according to the study, belongs to Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown.

Here are the bottom five:

28. Mark Davis – Las Vegas Raiders

29. Amy Adams Strunk – Tennessee Titans

30. Jimmy and Dee Haslam – Cleveland Browns

31. Shahid Khan – Jacksonville Jaguars

32. Mike Brown – Cincinnati Bengals

Given how bad a few of these teams have been in recent years, it’s difficult to argue with the list.

Fortunately for the Raiders and Browns, both teams appear to be on the right track. Even Mike Brown’s Bengals have started the 2021 season with a 2-1 record. Nokia News




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