A Patriots linebacker has a direct response to a question about Tom Brady.


The storylines surrounding the Buccaneers-Patriots game on Sunday seem to go on forever. For the first time since leaving New England for Tampa Bay, Tom Brady will return to Gillette Stadium on Sunday night. What kind of reception will he get from the crowd? How will he shake Bill Belichick’s hand after the game? We could go on forever. The bottom line is that Sunday’s game will be just that. It’s a football game, after all. And Patriots linebacker Matthew Judon isn’t going to let things get out of hand. On Thursday, a reporter asked Judon a question about Brady.

He responded in a direct manner.

Judon said of Brady, “Bro, he’s the next QB we’ve got to play.” “… It’s not as if we’re scared of what Tom Brady can do. We need to put an end to their entire offense”

You’ve just given Tom Brady more ammunition to beat the Patriots on Sunday.

Judon isn’t always wrong, though. The storylines surrounding Sunday’s Buccaneers-Patriots game are almost entirely unrelated to the game itself. They, on the other hand, are intimately linked to Brady and Belichick. It’s no secret that Brady and Belichick’s relationship ended in an awkward way. It’s possible to argue that it’s the main reason No. 12 moved from New England to Tampa Bay. Regardless, it was a dreadful conclusion. The game on Sunday will mean a lot to Brady, Belichick, and Patriots fans. At 8:20 p.m., turn on NBC. On Sunday, watch the New England Patriots take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 1:00 p.m. ET. Nokia News



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