An ESPN analyst suggests benching the rookie quarterback.


On Thursday’s episode of Get Up, ESPN analyst Louis Riddick suggested benching one of the NFL’s best rookie quarterbacks this weekend. Due to the current situation in Chicago, Riddick would prefer the Chicago Bears to use one of their veteran quarterbacks instead of Justin Fields this Sunday.

Fields is a tremendous talent, but the Bears failed miserably to protect him in Week 3. He was sacked nine times and had only 68 passing yards at the end of the game.

Riddick believes the Bears should bench Fields until they have all of the pieces in place to help him succeed. Riddick said, “This team is just not set up for a young quarterback.” “As far as he’s concerned, he needs to sit and learn on the bench.” ”

[wpcc-script async src=” ” charset=”ut He did say, however, that he and his players have had “healthy conversations” this week. “The best part of the last 48 to 72 hours is we’ve had some amazing, healthy conversations between coaches and coaches, coaches and players, players and players, players and coaches,” Nagy said, according to the Chicago Tribune .

If Nagy starts Fields for the second week in a row, he’ll need a much better game plan in place for his rookie quarterback.

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