Coach Lane Kiffin reveals what he and his teammates talk about before games.


Unlike his opponent this Saturday, Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin enjoys discussing college football’s inner workings. And, as he recently revealed, Kiffin had some insights into pregame discussions between coaches. Kiffin was asked about what he usually talks to opposing coaches about before games on The Paul Finebaum Show today. Kiffin admitted that the conversations are completely pointless, and that they are almost always used to inquire about the weather and how people’s families are doing. Kiffin, on the other hand, decided to go a step further. Coaches, he pointed out, would not be discussing their gameplans in the pregame. “I mean, what do people really think we talk about out there?”

“Kiffin explained. “Are we going to say, ‘Hey, today we’re going to work on your safety with some double moves?’ ‘You know, there ain’t a whole lot to say,’ I mean. ”

Lane Kiffin takes on Alabama and former coach Nick Saban this weekend. He hinted at the possibility of asking Saban how his wife is doing, but that’ll be it. The game itself should be a lot more exciting.

Last year, Alabama and Ole Miss combined for over 100 points in a 63-48 victory for Alabama. This game’s over/under has already surpassed 75 points.

The handshake after the game will be a lot more interesting than the one before it. Especially if Lane Kiffin can somehow lead his team to victory. Nokia News



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