In a new snapshot, Dylan Dreyer is seen holding newborn Russell.


In a new snapshot, Dylan Dreyer is seen holding newborn Russell.

Brian Fichera, Dylan Dreyer’s husband, is showing off the couple’s newborn boy.

On Wednesday, Fichera revealed the first photo of Dreyer and their baby child, Russell James, on Instagram.

Dreyer, a Today weather anchor, is shown hugging a sleeping Russell to her bosom while smiling for the camera.

Brian Fichera (@fishlense) shared a post.

Russell, Dreyer’s third child with Fichera, was born on Wednesday after Dreyer went into labor six weeks early.

“This is Russell James Fichera, our son. Rusty was able to bring a lot of love and joy into the world 6 weeks earlier than expected,” Fichera wrote in the description. “His mother, @dylandreyernbc, has already gone above and beyond what I believed a person could do to bring him into this world safely.”

“I’m both awestruck and in love. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. He wrote, “#love #numbathree #mythreesons #godylgo.”

In the comments, Sheinelle Jones and Kristen Welker expressed their joy at the birth.

“Yayyyyyyy!!!!!! “Welcome to the #partyoffive club!!!!” Jones penned an article.

“He’s just stunning!! Congratulations!!! Margot is looking forward to meeting your five-person family! Welker said, “I love you guys.”

Russell’s birth was announced by Dreyer’s co-anchors on the Today show on Wednesday. Dreyer posted a photo from the hospital on Tuesday, informing followers that her water had broken six weeks early.

Calvin, 4, and Oliver, 20 months, are the other kids of Dreyer and Fichera, who married in October 2012. Calvin and Oliver have a “amazing” bond, according to Dreyer on Today in January 2020.

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