Joel Embiid Makes an Open Statement About Ben Simmons.


Even though the southpaw standout is still refusing to report to the team, the Ben Simmons saga continues in Philadelphia.

Simmons is reportedly willing to sit out the entire upcoming season to show the 76ers that he is done with them. Playing with star big man Joel Embiid, the former No. 1 overall pick is said to be ” done “.

While Simmons appears to believe that Philadelphia has chosen to build around Embiid and that their playing styles are incompatible, the All-Star center stated the opposite today.

According to reporters, Embiid claimed that the 76ers have “always been built around his [Simmons’] needs,” citing examples such as the team’s decision to part ways with Jimmy Butler after the 2018-19 season.

[wpcc-script async src=” ” charset=”utf Embiid, on the other hand, stated on Monday that he believes he and Simmons could still work together on the same team. “He knows we can win together..”

I’m hoping he reconsiders his decision. I enjoy playing games with him. “They’ve been erecting walls around us,” Embiid explained. “We know it’s working,” says the narrator. It all comes down to taking the next step. ”

We have our doubts about the two coming together at this point. The situation with Simmons and the 76ers appears to be hopeless.

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