Nick Saban Discusses Lane Kiffin’s “Frustration” with Him.


Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban will meet again on the football field this Saturday, but it will be Kiffin’s first game at Bryant-Denny Stadium since his time as Alabama’s offensive coordinator.

Ahead of Kiffin’s return, Saban talked about his time as top assistant to the Ole Miss head coach from 2014 to 2016. He revealed that there was one particular aspect of his job that irritated him. Saban explained in a recent ESPN interview that he insisted on things being done “a certain way” – with coaches meeting and giving input. Kiffin, on the other hand, did not operate in this manner, which irritated other coaches. “I wanted things done a certain way,” Saban said.

“I wanted to meet the coaches..” I wanted everyone’s opinion to be heard, which was not his style. Some of the other coaches complained to me about it, and I always told them that Lane would be a better head coach than an assistant because when you’re a head coach, you don’t need to be as organized because you’ve got organized people around you. ”

With Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator, Alabama’s offense reached new heights. They went from a run-first team to a more wide-open offense during his three years, and the results speak for themselves. The Crimson Tide won a national championship in 2015 and continued to air the ball out after Kiffin left.

Kiffin went on to become the head coach at FAU after his time at Alabama. He led the team to two Conference USA championships. He was hired as the head coach of Ole Miss in 2020, and his team defeated Alabama by a score of over 40 points. That season, no other team scored more points against Alabama than the Crimson Tide. Will Lane Kiffin find a new way to irritate Nick Saban this week?


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