Packers TE Gives His First Thoughts On Aaron Rodgers’ Return.


Aaron Rodgers has looked dialed in with the Green Bay Packers after a shaky Week 1 performance. Marcedes Lewis, the team’s tight end, isn’t surprised.

The veteran tight end and his quarterback are on the same page. Despite this, he claims that the two stopped communicating two weeks before training camp, when Rodgers’ status with the team was still very uncertain.

Lewis admits that when camp first opened, he had no idea what to expect. Rodgers, on the other hand, knew as soon as he arrived in Green Bay that the team would be preparing for another Super Bowl run. “When I first saw him and he gave me that look, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s my guy,'” Lewis told reporters. ” We’re attempting to win the championship. ”

“I think 12 is just in control of his moment,” Lewis added. “He’s looking at it from a different perspective, and we feed off of that..” It’s without a doubt the best I’ve ever seen. ”

Rodgers was just as bad as the rest of the team against the Saints in Week 1, throwing only 133 yards and two interceptions. He has 417 yards and six touchdowns in the two weeks since, leading the team down the field for a game-winning Mason Crosby field goal in the final minute of Sunday night’s game against the San Francisco 49ers. It was unmistakably an Aaron Rodgers moment.

Week 1 was a bit of a letdown, but these things happen. He’s looked like the player who won the MVP award a year ago in the two weeks since. Nokia News



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