Season 2 singles are introduced in the ‘Sexy Beasts’ trailer.


Season 2 singles are introduced in the ‘Sexy Beasts’ trailer.

Sexy Beasts Season 2 is getting a sneak peek on Netflix.

On Thursday, the streaming service released a trailer for the upcoming season, which features new singles yearning for love.

Sexy Beasts is a dating reality show in which contestants use sophisticated make-up and prosthetics to hide their true identities. Each episode covers a single character and three potential love interests.

When a contestant is eliminated or chosen as the winner, they reveal their face.

Contestants dressed as a tiger, orc, bat, rabbit, zombie, and other creatures appear in the Season 2 trailer.

“It’s time to say goodbye to superficial dating,” says an official description, “as Hollywood prosthetics transform single people into monsters, animals, and mythological creatures, allowing them to be judged solely on their personalities.”

The season’s first-look photographs were previously posted by Netflix.

Sexy Beasts is based on the same-named BBC Three programme. The Netflix version, which stars Rob Delaney as the narrator, will be renewed for a second season on October 7.

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