Stephen A. Smith Talks About What He’s Heard About Anthony Davis.


There’s no denying that Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers is one of the best big men in the NBA. However, there are some unanswered questions about his motivation and ability to stay healthy and fit. Russell Westbrook, the new Lakers addition, addressed those concerns on Wednesday. The nine-time All-Star, who is known for giving 110% in everything he does on the court, has stated that it is his responsibility to “push” Davis at every practice and game this season. “He’s one of a kind,” Westbrook said of Davis on Wednesday, according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin . “No one can do everything he can do at his size like him.” And it’s my job to make sure I keep pushing him every day, every practice, every game, so he can be at his best every night. ”

Davis missed 36 games last season due to injury, and as a result, his play suffered. In terms of rebounds, he had a career low of 7. 9) and the number of blocks per game (1. 6) and had a 21-point average. He hasn’t scored more than 8 points since his second season in the league.

With Westbrook’s latest comments coming just before Davis’s tenth season in the NBA, Stephen A. Smith is becoming concerned. The ESPN host was perplexed as to how the Lakers big man could return to a team where LeBron James isn’t in the best shape of his life. “How could you have a teammate like LeBron, who just delivered you your first title ever… and I’m not insulting Anthony Davis; I’m asking a question because it’s something I’d ask him face to face… If you didn’t do everything you could physically to be in peak condition, how could you allow that to happen to you when you know you’re playing with a champion?” On Thursday’s episode of First Take , Smith gets a sked. “… How did you get that slippage?” Russell Westbrook’s presence [in Los Angeles]is fantastic. ”

After Jay Williams defended Davis, Smith summed up his final thoughts on the Lakers big man and his conditioning by pointing out the condensed nature of the last few NBA seasons and the toll that the schedule has taken on players’ bodies. “I know LeBron is a freak of nature..”

But I’d be pretty embarrassed if an older man is consistently, consistently, consistently in better shape than me, especially if we work in the same field. “That would irritate me,” Smith said of Davis’s behavior.

Davis, 28, is an important part of the Lakers’ puzzle and will need to be at his best if the team hopes to return to the NBA Finals this season. Following Westbrook’s comments, he stated that he is willing to be pushed and accept the challenge in order to give his team the best chance to win.

Only time will tell if Davis can live up to the hype and give the Lakers his all in the upcoming season. Nokia News



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