The NFL Community Reacts To The Philadelphia Eagles’ New Ownership.


Most people believe the Miami Dolphins are the most likely team to trade for Deshaun Watson, but another team could enter the picture.

According to NFL analyst Chris Simms, Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has approved a potential Watson trade. “And you (Mike Florio) and I both know that Philadelphia is in the mix for Deshaun Watson. That is a true story. According to what I’ve heard, the owner has given Howie Roseman and company the go-ahead to make the deal if it’s right. So, yes, you should be concerned a little — and here’s another hint. “I have a feeling they aren’t sold on Jalen Hurts,” Simms told Mike Florio this week.

FOX NFL insider Jay Glazer said earlier this week that a trade could be imminent. He did, however, specifically mention the Dolphins.

Eagles fans are naturally interested. Though he’s far from a proven quarterback, Jalen Hurts has shown some promise.












“Hurts are NOT the issue!!!”

We have lost two games due to poor play calling and coaching. Hurts isn’t perfect, but he’s certainly not the issue. Sirianni’s call of the game is a–. When we had Miles gashing the Cowboys defense in the fourth quarter, he had four carries. “Come on now!” one fan exclaimed on Twitter. Watson, according to another fan, “doesn’t even want to play here.”

Of course, the no-trade clause is a concern. Watson has the ability to refuse any trade. It’s unclear whether he’d agree to a move to Philadelphia. Miami is thought to be a popular vacation spot.

The trade deadline for 2021 is less than a month away. The next few weeks should be interesting.

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