The Senate and House are poised to pass legislation to prevent the federal government from shutting down.


The Senate and House are poised to pass legislation to prevent the federal government from shutting down.

The House and Senate are poised to agree on a bill to fund the federal government until December, averting a shutdown that is set to start at midnight on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Senate Democrats said that they are working on a continuing resolution to fund the government for a few more weeks. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer predicted a swift vote late Wednesday.

According to CNN, he stated, “We have an agreement on the [resolution]– the continuing resolution to prevent a government shutdown – and we should be voting on it [Thursday] morning.”

To avert a government shutdown, congressional Democrats suggested on Wednesday that they have detached the resolution from a proposal to raise the US debt ceiling, which has been opposed by practically all Republicans.

The prospect of a shutdown has lingered into this week because the two concerns are intertwined.

The bill will be forwarded to the House of Representatives after the Senate passes it, and then to President Joe Biden’s desk. On Wednesday, Biden postponed a trip to Chicago in order to stay in Washington, D.C., to help broker a compromise to prevent a government shutdown and focus on debt ceiling talks.

According to Schumer, the financial resolution will also give immediate cash for disaster relief in the United States as well as Afghan refugee resettlement.

He tweeted, “Tomorrow, the Senate will… give long-awaited emergency funding to assist Americans still recovering from natural catastrophes, as well as funding to help relocate Afghan refugees.”

When the Senate sends over the stopgap bill to finance the government, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressed confidence that the lower house will adopt it promptly. Biden is expected to approve a bill to keep federal employees working beyond Thursday, according to the White House.

Because of the pressing need to avert a government shutdown, Democrats have had to give up some of their leverage on a proposal to raise the debt ceiling, which must be done within the next two weeks or the US government will fail on some of its debt commitments.

After striking an agreement with Republicans, Schumer encouraged them to help prevent the United States from defaulting on its debts, which has never happened before.

Last Monday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told legislators that she expected Congress to have until October…. Article Summary from Nokia News


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