Trevor Lawrence Gives an Open Account Of His NFL Experience.


Trevor Lawrence’s NFL career has gotten off to a rocky start for the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback. Through three games, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft is tied for the league lead in interceptions. Lawrence was asked three weeks into his first NFL season what the experience has been like so far compared to college football. He told the team’s official website on Tuesday that it is “completely different” from Clemson. Because of how things move, it can be difficult to keep track of what day it is, according to Lawrence. He stated that he is attempting to establish a routine and become more efficient with his time. “Oh, gosh,” Lawrence exclaimed, “it’s completely different.” “It’s as if you have no idea what day it is.” You try to do the same things you normally do during the week. All you have to do now is be more efficient with your time. ”

During his three years at Clemson, Trevor Lawrence never threw more than eight interceptions in a season. If he throws one against the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday, he’ll match that total before the end of the season.

Granted, Lawrence isn’t entirely to blame for the Jaguars’ 0-3 start. Last season, they were the worst team in the NFL, and their defense is currently in the bottom half of the league.

This isn’t a Lawrence-specific problem, either. The four rookie quarterbacks who have started a game this season have a combined record of 1-9, with one victory coming against another rookie quarterback. Lawrence may have had the highest expectations of any rookie in the previous draft, but he’s far from the last. Nokia News



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