Wayne Couzens, a former London cop, was sentenced to life in jail for enticing a lady to her murder.


Wayne Couzens, a former London cop, was sentenced to life in jail for enticing a lady to her murder.

On Thursday, Wayne Couzens, a former London police officer, was sentenced to life in jail for luring a 33-year-old woman into his vehicle and rapping and killing her.

Couzens, 48, acknowledged to killing Sarah Everard during their rendezvous on March 3 and pleaded guilty to the crime in July.

Couzens was sentenced on Thursday by Judge Adrian Fulford for breaking the community’s sense of security and misusing his authority and the COVID-19 pandemic to prey on Everard, who was walking home in south London at the time.

In a long statement, Fulford added, “You have irreversibly destroyed the lives of Sarah Everard’s family and friends.” “You have undermined the public’s right to have faith in the police services of England and Wales.

“It is vital that every citizen in this country be able to trust police officers and submit to their power, which they are entitled to think is being exercised in good faith.”

The court heard new details about Everard’s death during a presentencing hearing on Wednesday. Couzens allegedly used his Metropolitan Police warrant card to persuade Everard that she had broken a COVID-19 restriction, according to prosecutors.

Everard was handcuffed, sexually raped, then strangled with Couzens’ police belt after she was inside his vehicle. He then lit her corpse on fire.

“You have significantly increased the sense of insecurity that many people in our cities, possibly mainly women, feel when traveling alone and especially at night,” Fulford remarked.

“There was never a moment before your arrest when you expressed even the tiniest remorse, possibly as a result of realizing the gravity of the heinous crimes you had committed.”

Everard’s death sparked worries about women’s safety across the United Kingdom, prompting some groups to urge for police reform and other increased protections for women.

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