A $10,000 lottery prize helps a Kansas man celebrate his birthday.


A $10,000 lottery prize helps a Kansas man celebrate his birthday.

A Kansas guy who bought a pair of scratch-off lottery tickets for his birthday ended up receiving a $10,000 surprise from himself.

Joe Krogman of Marysville told Kansas Lottery authorities that on the day before his birthday, he went to the CJ Express 1 store in Marysville and bought a Flip Flop Cash scratch-off ticket.

“At first, she just gave me one, but I insisted on getting another. It’s a good thing I did since it was the second $10,000 ticket,” Krogman recalled. “I scratched it, but I was still a little sleepy-eyed, so I asked a friend and the cashier whether I was seeing it right, and they both said yes.”

Krogman claimed he started spreading the word about his good fortune right away.

“I even photographed the ticket and emailed it to my sister. He stated, “I told her, ‘Happy birthday to me!'”

He claimed that word of his victory travelled so quickly in town that his wife learned of it before he returned home an hour later.

Krogman ended up spending his birthday at the lottery headquarters, where he received his $10,000 win.

For the time being, the winner stated his money will be put into savings, but he and his wife may use it to fund a vacation to see their daughter in Las Vegas in the spring.

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