Consider the following matchup: UConn vs. The Cost of Vanderbilt Tickets Has Gone Viral.


During a college football season, we see our fair share of bad matchups. It doesn’t get much worse than UConn’s 0-5 record against 1-3 Vanderbilt this year. The Commodores have been in the SEC basement for a while now.

Clark Lea is the team’s first-year head coach, and they appear to be a team rebuilding under a new system. They did get a win, though, as they defeated Colorado State 24-21 to avenge an embarrassing Week 1 loss to East Tennessee State. They were defeated 62-0 by Georgia last weekend, surrendering 35 points in the first quarter. Then there’s UConn..

The Huskies were defeated 45-0 by Fresno State in their first game. The following week, they were defeated 38-28 by FCS team Holy Cross. After that game, Randy Edsall announced his end-of-year retirement, and he was promptly fired. After losses of 49-0 and 52-21 to Purdue and Army, respectively, they gave a good Wyoming team a run, falling 24-22. That is a significant improvement.

Unlike its SEC counterparts, Vanderbilt isn’t a week-in, week-out draw. With one of college football’s worst teams visiting Nashville, that is certainly the case. If you’re in the area right now, the get-in price on the secondary market is well below $10.

As Sports Illustrated ‘s Richard Johnson points out, seeing the Commodores and Huskies actually costs more in fees than buying tickets.

That’s a hefty price for such a dreadful game. Some parts of the college football world have taken notice of the game, but it’s for all the wrong reasons.

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