COVID-19 international travel restrictions have been lifted to a limited extent in Australia.


COVID-19 international travel restrictions have been lifted to a limited extent in Australia.

After a protracted 18-month ban, Australia announced Friday that it is reopening its borders to certain international travel.

In a news conference on Friday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that fully vaccinated Australians and permanent residents of Australia who are currently abroad will be permitted to travel again.

Officials in Australia have announced that the change will be implemented now that 78 percent of citizens have gotten at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine and 55 percent have been fully vaccinated.

Morrison stated, “And that is where Australia is now poised to move.” “It will take place next month. As states approach the 80 percent vaccination rate, that’s when it’ll start happening, starting next month.”

Since March 20, 2020, Australia’s borders have been closed to all non-citizens, with residents requiring special permission to depart. The ban was scheduled to be in place until December, but it was extended when new coronavirus types appeared.

Qantas, Australia’s main airline, has announced that flights to and from London and Los Angeles will resume on November 14.

Those who have not been vaccinated or who have received a vaccination that is not recognized by Australian authorities will still be held in a supervised quarantine facility for two weeks.

Citizens and residents who are unable to get vaccinated due to age or medical conditions shall be treated as vaccinated while traveling.

Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson have all had vaccines licensed by the Australian government. Sinovac of China and Covishield of India were added to the list on Friday.

The international border shutdown, according to Jennifer Westacott, CEO of Australia’s Business Council, has harmed the country’s economy $7.6 billion each month. She urged state and territory officials to move through with their plans to reopen the domestic market.

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