In the Sandy Hook case, Alex Jones was found liable for damages.


In the Sandy Hook case, Alex Jones was found liable for damages.

Alex Jones, the owner and broadcaster of Infowars, has been found liable for damages to the families of two children slain in the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, by a Texas judge.

After determining that the right-wing radio host failed to offer evidence to back up his assertions that the massacre was a fake, Travis County Judge Maya Guerra Gamble ruled in favor of the parents who sued Jones for defamation on Thursday. According to NBC News, the judge also determined that Jones “deliberately ignored” court demands to hand over evidence.

Gamble said, “The court finds that defendants’ failure to comply… is considerably worsened by [their]repeated practice of discovery abuse throughout analogous instances pending before this court.”

“The court finds that the defendants’ discovery behavior in this matter demonstrates flagrant ill faith and callous contempt for the rules’ discovery responsibility.”

Mark Bankston, an attorney for the two families, issued a statement to CNN praising the ruling.

“Mr. Jones had enough of chances to take these lawsuits seriously and follow the law. He chose not to, and now he must live with the consequences of his decision.”

Jones’ lawyer, Brad Reeves, called the ruling “shocking” in a statement on the Infowars website.

“It ignores the defendants’ production of tens of thousands of documents, the hours spent waiting for dispositions, and the multiple sworn statements filed in these cases,” he stated.

“In these circumstances, nothing less than the fundamental right to free speech is at stake. To say the First Amendment was crucified today is an understatement.”

Jones and his firms were sued by the families in 2018, and they were seeking $1 million from them. They claimed Jones branded the parents of the deceased children “crisis actors” and that a Florida resident issued death threats against a victim’s family because she agreed with Jones’ contention that the Sandy Hook massacre was a fabrication.

Adam Lanza murdered his mother, 20 first-graders, and six school officials at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, before shooting himself.

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