In the teaser for ‘Our World,’ Hailey Bieber is concerned for Justin Bieber.


In the teaser for ‘Our World,’ Hailey Bieber is concerned for Justin Bieber.

On Friday, Amazon unveiled the trailer for Justin Bieber: Our World. The behind-the-scenes concert documentary will appear on Prime Video on October 8th.

The film follows Bieber as he prepares for his New Year’s Eve 2020 event on the Beverly Hilton Hotel’s rooftop in Los Angeles, California. The film was directed by Michael D. Ratner and included intimate material shot by Bieber and his wife, Hailey.

On a walk with Hailey, Justin warms up his voice in personal film. Hailey admits that she is just as nervous as he is about the show.

Justin is seen in documentary film straining to put on his normal show while according to COVID-19 safety rules, rehearsing with dancers wearing face masks while a construction crew constructs the stage. A dancer said they haven’t worked with Bieber since 2017, since the New Year’s Eve show marked his first live performance in nearly four years.

Bieber adds, “I just wanted to create a night that would bring people together and let them to just let go and enjoy themselves.”

Bieber’s live performance of “Anyone” is shown in the trailer. The performance, which was livestreamed online, drew 240 people.

Justin Bieber: Our World is a 94-minute film directed by Justin Bieber.

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