Nick Saban Discloses One Piece Of Coaching Advice From His Wife.


Nick Saban is the best college football head coach of the last generation, and possibly the best of all time. Even he, however, is not immune to receiving advice from those close to him.

In a press conference on Thursday, Saban discussed the influence his wife, Terry, has on the way he coaches. Terry always asks Saban to blitz more, he admitted.

Alabama’s head coach had to explain that he got his start as a secondary coach. As a result, he’s never been keen on blitzing as much as Terry would like. In a recent interview, Saban said, “Miss Terry always wants to blitz more.” “I’ve never told Miss Terry this, but I’m a backup coach.” Secondary coaches who play for blitzing coaches end up sleeping under the bridge and twitching because the backend is always put in a difficult situation. wpcc-script async src=” ” charset=”utf-8″]

Of course, Nick Saban has put together some remarkable defenses without having to blitz quarterbacks too much over the years. In this regard, having some of the best defensive prospects in the country helps a lot.

As a result, the team hasn’t allowed more than 20 points per game since 2007.

However, Alabama will have a tough time keeping their opponent under 20 points this week. Ole Miss, which is coached by one of Saban’s proteges, Lane Kiffin, has the highest-scoring offense in the FBS right now.

If Saban wants to get to Rebels QB Matt Corral and keep them from keeping up with his own high-octane offense, he might have to use some blitzing. Should Nick Saban follow his wife’s advice in this weekend’s game?

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