Patrick Mahomes, according to Von Miller, is missing one player.


Despite Patrick Mahomes’ continued magic, the Kansas City Chiefs have dropped two of their first three games in 2021. The 2018 MVP and Super Bowl LIV champion has made an early impression, but he isn’t dominating opponents like he has in the past. That’s because Mahomes is missing an unsung hero who used to be on his team: former Chiefs offensive lineman Mitchell Schwartz, according to Denver Broncos pass rusher Von Miller. Miller explained that going up against the former Kansas City tackle used to be difficult for him, and he was perplexed as to why Schwartz wasn’t on an NFL team as of late September. “Mitchell Schwartz was the most difficult challenge for me.”

And you wouldn’t expect it,” Miller said in a podcast with Collin Cowherd on Thursday . “It’s not something you’d expect..” Mitchell Schwartz having a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes who can really play to Mitchell’s angles… I had the most difficulty with Mitchell Schwartz. I’m actually surprised he’s not on the team at the moment. “It would be the strangest thing for me..”

Any move I tried, he’d be sitting on it. Patrick Mahomes would trump any good rush I had and scramble or throw the ball away. But playing against Mitchell Schwartz and the Kansas City Chiefs was a difficult experience for me… I’m surprised Mitchell Schwartz isn’t on a team right now because I know he still has some good football left in him. Miller’s endorsement of Schwartz as an offensive tackle is huge, given his stature as an elite pass-rusher.

Miller’s endorsement of Schwartz as an offensive tackle is huge, considering his stature as an elite pass-rusher. The Chiefs must have been ecstatic to have a player like that defending Mahomes if he felt this way about facing the offensive tackle. Schwartz’s accomplishments speak for themselves even without Miller’s praise. The offensive tackle, a former second-round pick out of California, has developed into a star at his position. From 2016 to 2019, he was named to All-Pro teams every season, won a Super Bowl with the Chiefs, and was named to CBS Sports’ NFL All-Decade Team in 2019. After undergoing surgery to repair a serious back injury suffered during the 2020 season, Schwartz was released after five seasons in Kansas City this past March. He confirmed this week on the Ryen Russillo podcast that he’s not officially retired, but that he’ll explore his options once he’s fully recovered.

The Chiefs offensive line hasn’t been great without Schwartz, but it hasn’t been the main issue in Kansas City so far. During the first few weeks, the team’s defense has struggled, allowing 95 points in three games.

The Chiefs have plenty of time to turn things around, and with Mahomes at quarterback, they should be able to do so. Miller, on the other hand, is pinning his ears back and giddy at the prospect of facing Kansas City without an offensive lineman like Schwartz leading the way. Nokia News



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