Sam Pittman talks about his first encounter with Jerry Jones.


When the fall season arrives, Jerry Jones will be focused on the Dallas Cowboys. However, the former Arkansas Razorbacks offensive lineman is still a big fan of his alma mater.

He has to be pleased with his performance so far this season. After defeating Texas A&M at “Jerry World,” the Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Arkansas has risen to No. 8 in the country.

It’s been a long road for Arkansas, but Sam Pittman—an offensive line coach by trade, which Jones must appreciate—has helped the football program develop a hard-nosed identity. Pittman’s team looked far more competitive than it had in years even last year, when it finished 3-6.

Sam Pittman met Jerry Jones for the first time earlier this season, when the Arkansas Razorbacks defeated the Texas Longhorns 40-21 in Week 2. “I was awestruck..” “I thought it was really, really cool that he knew my name and who I was,” Pittman told SportsCenter .

At his stadium, he has A&M. Pittman claims that after the Cowboys’ 20-10 victory over the Aggies, the Cowboys’ owner became emotional. Sam Pittman has four pretty dominant performances under his belt, and he’s on a roll. The season’s biggest test, at least so far, will take place this weekend. Arkansas will travel to Georgia to face the No. 2 team in the country. Nothing that happens in Athens will change that.

The season has already been a huge success. With a win, however, this season will take on a truly unique trajectory.

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