The HFPA has welcomed 21 new members as part of its “commitment to diversity and inclusion.”


The HFPA has welcomed 21 new members as part of its “commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

In keeping with its continuous “commitment to diversity and inclusion,” the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is welcoming 21 new members.

The Golden Globe Awards organization announced on Friday that the new class of members is the largest and most diverse in the organization’s 78-year existence.

New members identify as women 48 percent of the time, Black 29 percent of the time, Asian 24 percent of the time, Latinx 29 percent of the time, and Middle Eastern/North African 19 percent of the time.

Helen Hoehne, president of the HFPA, remarked, “We are happy to welcome these new members into our family.” “We are forming a new organization, one that is centered on diversity and inclusion rather than quotas, with ethical conduct as the norm and people of color active in every aspect of the organization, from membership to executive leadership. That’s how we’re creating a more inclusive atmosphere, and the fact that we’ve made so much progress in just six months is a credit to our members’ commitment to making things better.”

The new members will be eligible to vote in the Golden Globes immediately and will be able to join HFPA committees right away.

“As a committee, we’re happy of the first group of members we’ve invited to the reinvented HFPA. Tre’vell Anderson, a member of the credential committee, said, “They’re a bunch of well-respected journalists from around the world who will provide a variety of diverse perspectives to this organization.”

“That said, we know that this is only the beginning of a long process, and as a committee, we’re looking forward to building on our work in the weeks, months, and years ahead to continue establishing a more inclusive and supportive collective,” Anderson concluded.

In 2022, the HFPA predicts a similar-sized class.

We’re excited to welcome the largest incoming class in HFPA’s history. The new membership class is the largest and most varied in the organization’s 78-year history. We are excited to work with our new members to create a brighter and more inclusive future. For further information, go to: October 1, 2021 — Golden Globe Awards (@goldenglobes)

Following criticism of the organization’s lack of diversity, the HFPA announced intentions for “transformational reform” in March. Later, the organization committed that at least 13% of its members would be Black.

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