What Trevon Diggs Said Today Will Make Nick Saban Very Happy.


We have to believe Nick Saban is pleased with Trevon Diggs’ recent performance with the Dallas Cowboys. We have to believe he’s even more proud of what Diggs said today after being named NFC Defensive Player of the Month.

In his first three games this season, the second-year cornerback has three interceptions and six passes defensed.

According to NFL Network’s Jane Slater, Diggs was unaware that he had been named Player of the Month until his teammate Micah Parsons informed him. No one had apparently informed Diggs of the honor, and the former second-round pick claimed he doesn’t use the internet much, so he wouldn’t have known about it.

According to Diggs, the internet is full of “rat poison,” which is Sabanese for things that can inflate a team’s or player’s sense of confidence.

Despite the threat of “rat poison,” Diggs has every reason to be confident in his abilities right now. After a strong rookie season, the Alabama product is off to a good start in 2021.

The Cowboys’ defense, which was abysmal in 2020, has shown massive improvements so far this season, and Diggs is a big reason for that. Nokia News



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