With ‘Traitorade,’ a New England Brewery mocks Tom Brady.


At least one New England brewery is getting behind Tom Brady’s long-awaited return on Sunday night. Before Brady and the Buccaneers visit Foxboro this weekend,

Smug Brewing in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, has re-released its special “Traitorade” beer.

The imperial fruit sour with sea salt debuted last summer, following the signing of TB12 and Rob Gronkowski to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The company announced online at the time, “I know some people will be a little upset about this beer, just remember it is just a joke.” “We are very proud of our two former Patriots players. As a result, we’ve prepared a one-of-a-kind concoction for you. With Florida Key limes and a pinch of salt, it’s an imperial fruit sour. This beer reminds me of growing up and having to move to Florida to retire.

When the Patriots were willing to let Brady sign elsewhere and Gronk came out of retirement to join the Buccaneers, it’s difficult to call them traitors. “I don’t despise Tom Brady..”

Smug Brewing owner Rob DeRosa told Turnto10, “I actually love Tom Brady.” This week, com made a profit. “His jersey is still in my possession..” I didn’t set fire to it. I just don’t care for him at the moment. ”

Come Sunday night, we’ll see if Brady or Pats fans have the last laugh. Nokia News




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