Andy Reid Reveals Josh Gordon’s Game Plan.


Despite signing wide receiver Josh Gordon earlier this week, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid says he won’t play him against the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday. He did, however, reveal some details about his plans for the former Pro Bowler.

During a press conference on Friday, Reid stated that Gordon is in good shape and appears to be in good shape. But for the time being, he wants Gordon to learn the playbook and shake off the rust from not playing for two seasons.

“Listen, he appears to be in pretty good shape,” Reid said via ProFootballTalk . “He has a little less body fat than I do.” He’s slimmed down and looks fantastic. He’s been working out, and I think he’s in pretty good shape. He’s been working extremely hard out here. ”

“This week, he’s not playing..” He’s getting ready by studying the playbook, working on his mental game, and shaking off some of the rust. You can tell he’s a gifted musician. You’ve all seen him play before, so I’m not going to tell you anything new, but he’s a talented football player. ”

Josh Gordon hasn’t played since the 2019 NFL season due to a one-year suspension.

However, he was recently reinstated and immediately signed with the Chiefs.

It’s unclear whether Gordon still has the skills to succeed in the NFL after a year away. But if he succeeds, the Chiefs will have added another Pro Bowl player to their already stacked roster.

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